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Williamson County Poll Suggests the County is Moving in a Positive Direction

Brentwood, Tennessee – The Williamson County Association of REALTORS® (WCAR) recently polled voters in the county on a wide range of issues and overall satisfaction of the direction the county is moving. The poll conducted by American Strategies in the beginning of April surveyed 400 likely voters in the upcoming contested May elections with a margin of error of ± 4.9%. Williamson County Provides High Satisfaction to Residents

The results of the poll reflected surveyed voters are generally satisfied with the county commission. Two-thirds of voters polled say Williamson County is headed in a positive direction, and six-in-ten say the county commission is doing an excellent or good job. A similar, but slightly slower percentage (56%) say the commission is doing an excellent or good job when it comes to county spending and the budget. An overwhelming majority of respondents (three-quarters) say that property taxes are just right with one-in-five saying they are too high.

2018 WCAR Board of Directors President Matt Daniel commented, “As REALTORS® who are very active in their local community, we strive to be on the forefront of many issues that our county faces. The results of this survey reflect what we hear on a daily basis, that people continue to be satisfied of their community. Williamson County continues to be a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family. As an association, we always want to help our county leaders make the best-informed decisions possible to maintain our strong community.”

“We hope our county leaders will continue to look for ways other than raising property taxes to ensure our great schools continue to have the funding they need to maintain their current level of success. By utilizing resources like this survey our association strives to be a valuable resource to our community leaders as they make tough decision every day on the direction of our county. Williamson County is a great place to live and we want to make sure we help do our part to keep it that way,” added Bo Patten, WCAR Government Affairs Director.

The survey continued with voters being split on education funding.  Nearly half of those asked say that the county schools need more funding going forward, while slightly fewer (41%) say the schools have enough funding with the temporary sales tax increase.  Overall, 62% say they would be more likely to support a commission candidate who wants to increase funding for county schools.

Growth and development are the biggest issues. Most of these voters are focused on the issue of growth or issues related to growth. When asked what they think the biggest issue is for the county, 26% mention traffic, 23% talk about infrastructure and roads, 19% specifically talk about managing growth and population growth, and 10% mention overdevelopment and managing building and construction. The other top issue – mentioned by 25% of respondents – is education and school funding.

Voters want a commission candidate who will cut waste in county spending, address traffic and congestion. More than 90% of voters surveyed say they are more likely to support a candidate who will cut waste and abuse in county spending and who will address traffic and congestion in the area.  A candidate who will work to preserve neighborhoods while adapting to population growth also earns high ratings, as does one who would oppose any property tax increases.

Top priorities for officials are managing growth and reducing traffic. As reflected in their top concerns, nearly half of all these voters say managing and planning for growth and development in Williamson County and reducing traffic congestion should be a TOP priority for local government and elected officials (ranked the highest on a 10-point scale).  Repairing roads and bridges, holding the line on taxes and fees, and protecting open space from development are also high priorities for these voters.

[Source – According to the Williamson County Association of Realtors:]

Image by Joe Mabel [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons