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Nestled in the rolling hills of Nashville is a historical hidden gem. Little Hollywood is a quirky, historical neighborhood with about 15 homes built in the 1930s and 1940s. Most have a Spanish excellent deck architectural style and if you can find it, you’ll enjoy some of the most unique home designs in the city.Little Hollywood

Most people don’t even know about Little Hollywood as many people don’t even go further eastern 17th St. This seclusion and anonymity of Little Hollywood are limited to three streets, Lakehurst, Bushnell, and a small portion of Ordway Street. While it’s home to many artists and magicians, few people know it’s early history. Although it has several small brick cottages and wood frame homes, it’s it’s Spanish-style stucco homes that draw the most attention, typically because you don’t see this much architecture in the Nashville area.

Recently, Brenda Miller and Jenn Yadon decided to add a little more uniqueness to this community by building a completely contemporary and modern style home in the heart of Little Hollywood. With the help of architect David Baird, the couple created a home so unique and yet so contemporary it even won an award. This new house is fairly simple, with a flat roof, stucco exterior, and a large wooden trellis. Although it is modern and contemporary it seems to fit with the rest of the neighborhood surprisingly.

So where is it?

Little Hollywood is in the Lockeland Springs/ Rolling Acres area just south of East Nashville. It borders the Shelby Golf Course and literally takes up just 3 short blocks. Just north is Two Ten Jacks and the Wild Crow eateries and shops and markets are easily accessible along Eastland Ave.

These homes are truly unique and many have preserved the charms of their original era. Home prices are between $250,000 and $600,000 with no HOA dues or fees. While many homes still carry the charm of nearly a century ago, some have been remodeled, renovated or completely reconstructed with old world charm to fit into the community.

The schools for this area are the Warner Elementary, the Bailey Middle School, and the Stratford Highschool.

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